Ranked team need a jungler?

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I am searching for a team that is interested in a useful jungler. I am able to jungle almost any champ that belongs there.
E.g. Amumu, Mundo, Maokai, Skarner, Jax, Shyvana, Hecarim and a few others.

My solo ranked queue ELO is currently 1190 but usually lingers around 1230. I play daily and am available almost always. My time zone is +12 GMT. I think it is important to add that I have a custom setup and therefore no-lag. I won't be DC'ing mid-game xD

If you have any interests in taking me in, please add me. IGN: K1NGOFYOU


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I main Jungle myself and am looking for a dedicated ranked team to play with. I am currently a Bronze 3 ELO player who is tired of DC's and AFK's. Looking for individuals who actually would like to progress, and do so as a team. I started with a 1050 ELO, but do to DC's and AFK's I have now fallen to 938ELO. I would love a tryout or opp to jung. I main Khazix, Nasus, Elise..and am learning others..