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Honor Suggestion

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I think honor could be improved significantly by requiring people to write in exactly why they are honoring the player, That comment could then be placed on a page in the users profile, along with the rest of his honor comments. Comments could be hidden or deleted by the user who receives them as well.

The purpose behind this suggestion is because as it stands, honor feels a bit.. sterile. Its an arbitrary number. I want to know why I'm being honored, That way i know just what it is I'm doing right, so i can continue the trend in the future.
Honorable opponent for instance. It means absolutely nothing to me right now. I get it every game. and i give it almost every game. but I give it for different reasons, I'm sure others do too. Sometimes Its because that person gave me a stellar challenge that I found incredibly satisfying attempting to overcome. Other times they're downright funny and enjoyable in the all chat, and on some rare occasions i get to watch them go above and beyond for their team, and I wish they where on my team instead, but those don't really fall into "Humble in victory and honorable in defeat". It makes me wonder what it actually was that I did to get all these HO's
Same goes for teamwork. I would like to know what i did that impressed my teammates, and would like to brag to them of their achievements.

Beyond simply providing more, and useful information, I can see this providing 2 more benefits.
First, it would stop alot of Honor begging and the people who like to "Honor for all" when they win. In order to honor someone they would actually need an example from the game, they couldn't just honor everyone in the chat in 10 seconds, they'd have to put some thought into it.
Secondly, it would allow people another way of connecting with players who they enjoy playing with, So even if they dont add them to thier friends list that game, if they had a comment left, they could always look them up again in the comments list.

The minimum character limit could be something small, maybe like 25 characters, they don't need to write an essay, just a sentence or two telling why it is their honoring.

I believe this would vastly increase the usefulness and quality of the honor system, and would love to here anyone's thoughts on it.

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Some of the issues you raise are already addressed (namely honor spamming - you're supposed to report people who solicit honor as spammers). I too have sometimes wanted to add a comment to a player's honor; I don't think it should be required, but available.