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Need help with Rammus

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I'd start with a meki pendant and health pots, the key to a decent early game with Rammus is mana. I like to level powerball early no matter what because what makes Rammus a true threat is his mobility. Even just popping powerball and rushing opponents, only to back off and farm a bit, is enough to run them off if you're playing right. But if you run dry on mana, he's just a slow punching bag.

Other than that, stacking armor is the best way to go to get the full benefit of his passive, but don't forget some hp too to make it more effective. Ninja tabi are usually the best boots because of the armor boost, but boots aren't an early priority because of powerball (as long as you have mana!)

I like relkin's build, that's pretty close to how I usually end up and Rammus becomes an unkillable force late game. Thornmail + sunfire + tremors + taunt = goodbye!

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Rammus is my main, and I am Mid ELO (1600 +/-)with my team. Currently around the 39-30 mark, depending on the mornings when I play with the bismus crazy Europeans that love to feed one another.

I tend to do a few builds depending on tons of dps, caster enemies, tank enemies etc.


D. Shield +Health Pot
Ninja Tabi
Warden's Mail
(Sunfire, or another Warden.)

You can get his armor into the 500+ fairly easily, mostly im around mid 300's, 3200 health, decent magic resist.

Rammus is an assist manufacturing machine, and early game a big threat using your power ball and taunt well, they simply cannot run away.

I completely agree that you should never solo with him, also practice on getting last hits. Especially if going against range it could be a slow process getting some gold unless you're getting fed.

Map control I love my rammus, I can get wherever I want to very quickly, and ganking i never have had so much fun.

I considere him to be an amazing hero, especially when played well he is a staple

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