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Lf d&d dm

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Hey yall,

I'm a new D&D player and I'm trying to get some D&D campaigns started in the new Grey Ravens clan/forum/whatever you want to call it (http://greyravens.enjin.com/home) but since I'm new myself, I can't DM anything.

We have a bunch of new players and some people who already know D&D so if you are interested in running a campaign please reply and let me know that you are interested in helping/starting.

If you could also sign up on the site and post your availability here:
this would help get everything organized.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we can help you get your campaign going!

- Sn0uu

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Ask the Megling

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This forum is for LoL-related RP. It's generally frowned upon to use it for advertising other places.