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The best suggestion ever!

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Create a new matchmaking system that puts people together with games played...

I'm sick of playing kids in my elo with 20 wins/losses who are extremely inexperienced... I have over 700 games ranked played THIS season, and over 1.5k total... whereas they have a total of 300 ?

im not going to train them to be better, you should know what youre doing before you play ranked. Normals are for that, so is custom and bot games....

It should not be up to us to get these people on track and lose more and more ELO every day over this same subject.

I replied to your staff's crappy email and never got one back, so I took it to the forums.

Please enlighten me how this is beneficial, if anything at least give us the courteousness of being able to choose weather or not we want to be paired with noobs.

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Gladius Prime

Senior Member


I think games won should definitely be a part of whatever formula they use to match players in solo/duo que.

Every time i start pulling myself out of elo hell to 1100's i start getting provisional after provisional player and its just sad.

For example i was supporting an ashe that just auto attacked, rarely last hit and pushed so hard against a sona and corki even though i warded we still got ganked 1000 times by mid and lee. She never bought boots either the whole game.

Later on we were mid and she was like "ugh i need gold u guys suck" i simple asked "why don't you have gold? Cuz u auto attacked... didn't last hit, got ganked repeatedly and now we don't have a bottom tower therefore you can not farm". They don't get it

She obviously wanted to hear nothing of the sort and called me a noob. How do you expect me to get out of elo hell when you give me 2 of these people a game it seems?