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Possible Beneficial Changes To Leaver/Banner Policy

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I just started playing LoL less than a couple of weeks ago, and so far, I have had it with the leaver banner. The fact that you get BANNED for what could be an accidental push of a button. For some reason, the system banned me one my first leave, which happened due to a computer freeze. I have reconnected to each and every match that I have left due to CPU issues, come to find that my teammates weren't the least bit upset about it, in fact, they were fine with it, and agreed that it happens sometimes. My recommendation would be:
Instead of having the system do an automatic ban for leaving, I say leave it to the team and the moderators to decide if the person who left should be banned or not. This could backfire, seeing as though people who are jerks could just ban at will. To avert this, make it so that the button can only be pressed if the person actually left the match. I am extremely frustrated with the current system, which stinks because I love the game, and don't want to see the account that I have worked so hard on, get perma-banned. Let me know if you agree or disagree. These changes could benefit the game, and allow for less frustration among players.