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Lost both games of my series due to trolls. First game everyone gave up tower in the first 4 mins which I didn't think was possible. Second game had an afk and another person give up. I really hope this New Tribunal is harsher. I am really starting to hate the LoL community. A lot of filth that needs to be disposed of.

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Unless you reported them there is nothing that we can do for you. I understand how you feel about the trolls and jerks that have been popping up in ranked. But until we have the new tribunal actually implemented then we are stuck in the dark.

If you really feel that you need to do more than just report the players than you can file a support ticket.

I will say this though. It appears as though the new tribunal is going to be harder hitting and faster than the old one. From the information that Riot has released it looks like they want almost instant punishment on trolls, chat abusers, and ranked game throwers.