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Optional Leaver Timer For Custom Games

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I know this will both annoy the hell out of a lot of people and make a chunk of people happy at the same time.

I wanted to put forward the suggestion for when creating a custom game to enable a lock out time like ranked. Specifically trying to eliminate the issues with ARAM's with it getting basically a dedicated arena to do it in to avoid the cheating in that sense, why not make it so that people creating aram lobbies can enable a que dodge mechanic that locks people out of Custom games the same way ranked does.

It's basically cheating in a way and defeats the entire point of the game mode.

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I agree, but to counterbalance this, I would set the option at 5 minutes, and add a red "Wait for Leaving" flag on rooms with this option set when they show up on the custom list. This means nobody has to play those rooms if they don't want to, but they know when they go in that they're agreeing to play a game or face a 5 minute wait penalty.