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My elo being given away like candy by trolls.

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Why must it always end like this?

I work hard, I get lucky, and I win some matches. Hurray, well-earned elo.

Next few matches, I get a troll.

Bye bye elo.

And then the cycle repeats.

Of course, there are many games where I do bad. I'm not the best, nor will I ever be.
But at least I try. I don't troll in ranked. That's messed. Yet, I seem to get paired up with them just enough times to counter the elo I had worked so hard for.

So what am I supposed to do then? I support, the adc does so bad that I become the bot lane carry as taric/sona/lux/etc.

Or when I go another lane, and somebody does a pick troll, because they didn't get the role they wanted. What do I do then? It's an insta 4v5. How is this fair?

I already am putting my elo in the hands of 4 other people besides myself.
If I lose it, I want a fair chance to fight for it. Not a 4v5 because we have a troll.
What's worse is when it happens on a regular basis. It's as if they system is saying, "Oh you gained some elo?, let me fix that" and all that time and effort suddenly means nothing.

Wut do?

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So the answer you're probably looking for is that you can appeal to riot, and they'll help you out, or something like that. The only answer to this is to carry harder. I played a 4v5 a few days ago, when I was at 1470 Elo for the second time and getting ****** teams again (think Vayne rushing cleaver with support lux rushing rabadon's and neither of them standing behind our tank). Maokai ragequit at level 1 because corki stole a small wraith. So I get a pentakill and get like a 2 KDR - and then lose because it's a 4v5 and I simply didn't carry hard enough.

Think of your team as 4 meatbags who can take some damage and maybe deal some, and you as the carry (assuming you're playing ap mid/ad bottom). Keep yourself alive before them, if you possibly can. You're the one carrying. This goes away a bit at higher Elos, but not quite so much. If you're a 2k Elo player, people at 1900 will be harder to carry, but they'll still seem worse than you.

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The enemy team gets trolls 20% more often than you do.

So while it may seem like all of your wins were games with no trolls, the fact of the matter is, in at least a portion of these matches, the enemy team was dealing with a troll. So if trolls are causing you to lose, at least 20% more often, they're causing you to win as well.