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Champion Suggestion - Natyve The Dark Druid

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Junior Member



its a rather large read as i put a few days work into this. hope you will read

forgot to mention the pic at the bottom isnt mine i spent around 7 hrs searching for what i thought she should look like.

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Drake O Dagger

Senior Member


Umm.. It would be better to just post it on the forum instead of using a file like that. Most people won't bother downloading it to look at it.

Embrace the Wild gives WAY too much mana. 50 per second is 400 mana, on top of what they regen on their own. Twisted Hibernation also seems way too powerful as far as damage goes.

Other than that, the champion seems just fine though. I really like the picture. Didn't bother reading the lore as I rarely care about that kinda stuff.

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I won't download just in case someone on the internet is angry and wants to give me a virus.

Please post. Everyone else does.