How to deal with stubborn players?

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I just got out of a ranked where a soraka and fiora kept saying in chat to report me for refusing to communicate with team in champ select. When they say that it means me not picking alistar jungle while i wanted to riven jungle. I had first pick and the next two picks on our team, fiora and a mf had the chance to take alistar. I even told them that I was uncomfortable with jungle ali and they still kept saying to report for not communicating during the match. As the game started the fiora got ganked by who failed the first time and camped the bush waiting for the 100 health fiora who actually went back in. Then the soraka bot lane says I was to blame for them dying in a 2v2 exchange cause I didn't have alistar. After those 3 kills my team got very negative and began feeding and afking. Playing with players like this really tick me off. How do you other players go through a match dealing with people like this...

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First, if you're worried about them actually reporting you, I'd be sure to make things clear in the chat logs.

They're typing to report you for refusing to communicate during champion select. You need to put in the chat logs that they were insisting you play Jungle Alistar, but you decided to play Jungle Riven instead. If your behavior and scoreline are fine, no one will ever punish you for that in the Tribunal, not even close.

As for dealing with them, well first, at champion select, I may have said "I'm not playing jungle alistar. I have a handful of other jungle champions, but I won't jungle alistar. Would you rather someone else jungle ali and me play a different role, or are you okay with me playing jungle Riven?" But that's just me. I try to cooperate with stubborn people at every possible point, and I don't mind not playing my preferred role.

I mean, after that you just do your best and try not to worry too much about what your teammates are saying if they're doing nothing but being negative. If they want to continue to harp on things that are too late to change, just straight ignore what they're saying. If they think there's a better way to do something, let them explain their strategy. Sometimes they're right, and either way, if you give his idea a chance, there's a chance he'll stop being as much of a jerk for the rest of the match.