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3 v 3 Winter Challenge! ( Casual Tournament)

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Intro: Hey folks, my IGN is Treelok and i have hosted 2 other Casual League of Legends tournaments (a previous 3v3 and a 2v2) This will be my third tournament will the release of the new twisted treeline map now that everyone has had a chance to practice on it!

Tournament Format: Looking to have 8 - 16 teams. If 8 teams are acquired there will be a group stage. If 16 it will be single elimination.

Prizes: I usually do not since this is more or a fun thing than a competitive thing but hell if i get enough teams i don't mind dishing out money for some well earned RP

Start Date: November 16th- 18 weekend all teams are gonna have their first games

Interested? Add me up in game and msg me and i can answer any questions!! Interested in signing up? just add me in gmae as i cannot be so sure i'll see the forum post. thanks guys!