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3v3: 3 things positive, 3 things negative, go

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1) The jungle is very functional. Creeps spawn with enough time to kill before jungle gets alter. Timers are efficient, gold is efficient, xp is efficient. Can sustain jungle well.

2) Map aesthetic is nice, like the layout. Speed shrine in mid is neat, could use a duration/speed buff though, negligable. I don't go out of my way if going top to bot to grab this as it doesn't help unless I'm crossing behind.

3) New items are interesting. Changes my core build on some favorite champs. nj


1) Games seem to last for quite awhile. Not sure why but they always drag out. A lot of fights going on though, so exciting. I think the draw of such an abundant, valuable jungle and altars provide alternative objectives so turrets don't get as much focus.

2) Personlly, as an experiment at least, I think it would be neat to bump the xp/gold gain slightly like in ARAM or Dominion maps. 3v3 is supposed to be a short game? Well, that would open up the viablility of champs that take longer to itemize and strengthen. flat xp/gold gain equalizes champs into the mid/late game without removing the benefit of a strong carry/feed.

3) Vile maw seems a bit too stronk. at least in the mid game it is not a viable option unless you have a very strong hp pool and at least 2 of enemy dead. maybe at least reduce dmg output on vilemaw at mid game. time to kill is ok, that is a risk, but almost a guarantee you will be extremely low health. If comparing to baron, at lvl 13 it is risky, but with full team comp 5, or in TT 3, you can do it easily with right dps champs.

my 2c, yours?