Small bit of feedback regarding respawn times

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Let me preface this by saying I am not and do not claim to be a "pro" player, so consider this to be pretty casual feedback as opposed to anything super in-depth and mathed out or anything.

Now, having said that, does anyone else feel that the respawn times on the new Twisted Treeline are a little excessive by mid/late game? I don't really like that if the enemy has already taken one turret in a lane, they can win a teamfight in the center of the map, walk over to our base, take down the inhibitor turret, the inhibitor, the nexus turret and the nexus itself in the time it takes my team to respawn. 70 second respawns at 25 minutes in is pretty extreme for a map that size.

I feel like either the respawn times need to be reduced somewhat or structure durability needs to be buffed. I'll leave the numbers to the professionals, but there's my two cents.