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Champion Select

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Hi Riot,

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a que selection like WoW or other MMO's where if your in a solo / duo Que all the positions must get filed before entering the instance.

EX of how it is now: Just jumped into champion select in normal draft mode

(In Order of text in chat)
player1: calls mid
player2: calls jungle
player3: calls mid
player4: no response
player5: no response

right now if player3 is first he has the option to take player1 call for mid and can take what was easily player one's just cause he is in a different order.

EX fix: Jumped into Champion Select

Before the ban phase goes in all 5 have a 30sec limit to choose positions

player1: Bruiser
player2: AP Carry
player3: Jungle
player4: Support / Tank
player5: AD Carry

and then go into Ban's and champion select. I think this would improve game play over time and help with solo Que. Now I would like to see that trading and switching of roles can happen still. But I think this would elevate a lot of issues with people not supporting or kicking out when they don't get their position they wanted. You already hit people on leaving in champion select so monitoring would not be an issue. Please let me know what you guys think on this.

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Nope. This forces you to do Meta. And you should not think meta.

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This idea was not designed for meta following. Initially when you get into a match you call your optimal lane not following meta just wanting to play Elise for example. And since someone else wants to jungle and they are above you they take that spot. Leaving you either having to drop out and wait 5 min in normal or 15 min in ranked or take something that someone else wanted or you didn't want to play.

This is a guideline for players, when entering champion select you initally choose to jungle you see something under your name saying jungle. (Not forcing you to choose only jungle approved champs just lane preference) And no one can fight you over that. I just wanted to stop the abuse of someone being put in a higher position and calling what they see fit. Even if other players called what lane they wanted to play from the get go.