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What's wrong with the community

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My previous post is funny and deserves upvotes.

This one is less funny, but feel free to upvote.

I don't understand all the lines and circles.

You circle 3 of Diana's items. I have no idea how to play Diana, so I don't know if these are that bad or not, but...

I don't see much wrong with Ezreal's build (two Doran's Blades and starting a Phage to do TriForce).
And there's literally nothing wrong with Jax's build. He's starting a TriForce also, and when I play Jax, Sheen is the first item of TriForce I build first too. For one, the proc is great for Jax, for two, his abilities, overall, scale better to AP than AD.

But other than that, you John Maddened all over your scorecard to show us that your team got out-played? Okay. The fact that you're posting this thread to tell us about how bad your team was lets me KNOW you spent all match telling your team how bad they were, and THAT is the reason I imagine you were reported. Heck, the enemy Olaf is reporting you even, so you were probably making a big deal about your teammates in ALL chat even.