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Hints and Tips

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Private Waters

Junior Member


If a member of Riot were to see this, I would just like to give them what I think is a good idea.

When all the champions were summoning, I noticed a tip on conductive game play. Then, I thought that there should be tips to Junior members that are collected by very high-ranking players (2000+ elo)

Collect tips from the 2000 elo players and while Juniors wait for the game to start, they can get an education.

I'm no 2000 elo person, but here's a few tips I think newbies might find useful.

>getting the last hit on minions gives you gold
>If you only last hit a minion then the lane won't push
>Support roles don't farm

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Senior Member


Technically.. They already have this... You can see them when the quests/Noob Tips are on.