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I've been playing LoL for about a year and a half now. In the past few weeks I've noticed Riot has made a movement to mitigate cyber-bullying on its game and I think it's becoming effective. Of course, I till notice players harassing people over little things in game, even I do that sometimes when a teammate messes up; but I've seen a drop in the amount of times I feel the need to actually report people.

I'm also seeing a lot less racial slurs being thrown around. In fact, when I first started to play this game I noticed everyone was deemed a "Stupid Mexican" if they spoke Spanish, or even Chinese (I don't know why...), but now people who I play with in games who do not speak English are not getting harassed for it. Although I am a little confused as to why these players are on the NA servers considering there are BR servers. But w.e.

So yeah, thanks for making your community better.