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Champ Building

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Yes, we're all in debate over the new map. Blah blah. There are plenty of threads about that. Let's have some fun and talk about how we're building the champs we like to play in the new map.

My first few games I played my current fav champion and won without question. Eventually she started to lose as the meta was developed. So instead, I moved on to my other favorite champ, Singed.

I start the game with:
2x Potions
Sapphire Crystal
I feel the boots and pots are a common build for a lot of champs, that or boots and Dorans.
I like the potions because it can help sustain during those level 1 fights in the beginning.

I then build right into Catalyst because LOADS OF HEALTH (Love that passive) and then right into Rod of Ages early as possible.

Next I upgrade boots. If the enemy team has a fair amount of CC (those Teemo shrooms have cost me so many kills) I'll go Merc treads, but I try to go for Swiftness when I can. I find that the speed is totally worth it on such a small map. Allows me to be everywhere, run ahead of my opponents to gas, or catch up and fling them.

After boots, I tend to pick up Blackfire Torch. This is a nice boost to AP, but again it's the sweet amount of HP I get off this thing that does the trick. Plus the burning passive is a nice little bonus for my gas cloud.

If I'm dying more than I'd like, I'll start to build defense. This usually takes the form of Thornmail, because everyone seems to be AD now.

Other than that, I take a healthy balance of AP and mana/hp until end game. An item I should try out is that Wooglet's Witchcap. It boosts AP and gives movement speed, I'll have to look into it more.

What is everyone else playing?