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Sorting champ select by role

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Senior Member


Can this feature be added? Or is it there somewhere and I'm not catching it?

I own 80%+ of the characters in the game. Sometimes I find myself trying to fill say, the support role, or the tank role, etc. It would be nice if I didn't have to scroll through my character list to find those roles scattered, but instead isolate them. This feature exists on the website, would be nice to have it in champ select during game play.

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infinite azure

Senior Member


This actually basically exists in a really hidden and not commonly known way,

in the textbox you use to search champions by name you can search any tag you see in the champion screen (next to your match history) and get those champs.

The most useful being : "carry" "support" "fighter" "tank" "mage"

Though that said, I agree and would like an easier to use system to find champions for picks and bans.

A hate list for bans and a favorite list for picks would make life that much easier when there's 100 pictures.

I basically use the search box 90% of the time.