Ranged AD Carries

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Just wondering which AD carries people have had success with on the map so far. Vayne and Ez are my two.

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Piggie B

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Ez is good because he's very safe, but I like Kog'Maw the most because of his ability to seriously punish cap attempts with his Ult and his passive percent health shred dominating the tanks and bruisers that everybody uses.

I haven't seen Graves yet, I suspect he'd be good due to his blind hitting the entire altar, but you'd need a good way to capitalize on that.

Jayce is good because you can build him like an AD Carry or as a bruiser, depending on what your team needs.

I've seen Fiora have trouble so far, but perhaps once people start to branch out beyond super-bruisers and tanks into more opposing AD Carries and Mages she'll start to be good - especially since she wrecks towers and the ones on this map are so weak.