@Riot Idea for Matchmaking "Roles"

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So after reading a couple posts about how people want a matchmaking system that allows players to choose their role before they queue, which I dislike, I think I've come up with a better solution.

I want to start by adding why I don't like the select your role before queue idea. Simply put, there are going to be a lot less people who select jungle and support. Which in turn means by selecting jungle and support roles you get into a game faster. Once in the game, what is to stop the people from taking a different role? Plus to top it all off, games will take much longer to be found since each team will have to have 1 of each role. While this idea sounds nice, there are many flaws behind it.

My idea for this is simply track players champion picks and summoner spells. With this, you can pretty much understand where someone went during each game.

From this information, percentages can be added to each players roles. As in number of times played ADC:25% Jungle:50% Support: 5% Mid: 10% Top: 10%.

And after about 100 games played you get a pretty decent understanding of where this person goes most often. Like in the example, this person jungles most often, and when he can't jungle he is more likely to go ADC. This gives main the spots for this 1 player to go.

I personally feel this idea would work way better then people simply selecting what role they want to play, because at least this way we know people understand how to play the role they were put into the game to do.

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Althought it sounds great.. This isn't possible... Although ADC is an easy spot in the aspect of the role.. Others are not.. Take Darius for exmaple.. People play him top lane, people also play him jungle.. Having a system built from match making based on played type champion roles, AND summoner spells.. Well.. That's way too much to implement, especially even to make it work properly.

The summoner spells are used by preference.. NOT specifics for roles.. Which would make everything much more complicated..

The way riot has it now, is very fine with me.. Although sure you have those arrogant people, but.. You cannot help it.. The game is based off of team effort and communication directly FROM champion selection.. That's just what the game is about.. So, it's not going to change..

I know... We all dislike those which whom don't follow the meta, or don't care for team comp, or who called what yada yada yada, but... We cannot change that.. Someone takes your called role.. Then just play a different role...