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The Law Of Role Playing (Oc)

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Jet Sensei10

Junior Member


Dear Rumble:
Since I've been reading the rage thread a bit, I noticed that Rpers were getting very annoyed with all the raging other people were causing and were also ruining the other random conversation that were going on . I decided to make a room where players can post whatever they want such as what champion they play, something random like what's your favorite tv show, and start to get to know each other.

I thought about what would be the best way to stop all the violence is to make a room, it may not be the best way, but the point of this thread is to bring the players that hate each other stop hating each other.

Basically this thread is made for champions who fail, or can't stop hating, or don't know when to stop arguing, we force players who rp as champions that hate each other to learn more about each other, and hope for the best that it all works out, and if not and those players who role play as champions don't get along with others and keep making stupid arguments will be replaced and that player won't be able to role play that champion anymore.

We need some laws and hopefully this will calm down the situation. If you want to add a new law then make a post, and by votes I will make it a law if lots of people vote for it. However if you disagree with the law I just made please feel free to tell me so.

Other laws are obvious such as no trolling, players can't rp as other champions if they are already taken, etc.

I just want to ask you something Rumble.

what you want to do is create a room, or a thread where everyone can discuss about anything? without raging of course.

If thats what you want then, why not just go to the General Discussion, or even the Off-Topic Discussion? those are already there to be used

EDIT: sorry i saw what you meant, and i must say its a pretty good idea