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First TT tournament

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Captain Kopp

Senior Member


Hey guys, in a previous thread I promised to organize a tournament for 3s so I'd like to get that underway. The goal of this tournament is to get some positive exposure for the new map, and showcase some of the strategies people have come up. The tournament will be a simple 8 team single elimination bo1 with bo3 finals.

I'm looking for 8 teams who have already proven themselves in the new map by achieving platinum or higher.

As far as prizes go, I plan on requesting Riot tournament support which is typically $20 rp and triumphant ryze for first place, and lesser amounts of rp for 2nd-4th place.

If you are interested in competing, post your team name and current elo for the map. I'll be making a registration page on friday. Also, if someone is interested in casting/co-hosting, please let me know.