Pre-Game Kick Button Option

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Hi everybody.. This is my first post so i will try to express my best.

I would ask to the Staff to create an option to be able to kick players on "Champion Select" that are not cooperating with the rest of the team. Those people who Autolock a champ that isn't needed. or those that pick a champ, that that role is already taken by other before they did it.

I hate being with that kind of people, and when that happens the only solution is leaving the game and you will need to wait 5 minutes to start again.

Maybe creating a "Kick Option" based on votation, will benefit and will improve our game experience. To all those kicked will have no penalization, but they will need to work on team before the game start to be able to play.

I hope that people read this post.. Sorry for grammar, english isn't my native languaje.

Thanks for giving time to this post Bye

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Just a few questions:

How do you reason a champion pick not to be viable? Meta should be taken with a grain of salt. Please don't surrender in teamselect. That is entirely more annoying. And you always can dodge the game.

How do you make it so that premades won't harras randoms?

And now that I think about it, there is a "Kick Option" already in place. It is called dodge the queue.