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Thoughts (30 games in)

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So its a new map and I guess we're getting used to it. I've gotten maybe ~30 games down on it with a handful of champs (Nunu, Cho, Ryze, Garen, a couple others). It can be fun, but there's a few things that really cause problems.

These are the two that stand out the most to me. They are just something that's inherently wrong with the map.

1. Really narrow paths. Things like trundle pillar and walls completely block them off. Fighting is really hard as well, especially against teams/champs with AOE. Hilariously, J4 ult can be used as essentially a double wall to prevent escapes. Just in general, this favors teams with AOE or some sort of wall way too much. I've seen some pretty ridiculous **** where Karthus threw down a wall lengthwise down a jungle path and ****ed the entire enemy team.

2. Minion pathing. This might be related to the first, but getting around minions is a HUGE issue. Champs get stuck on minions incredibly easily, which results in a lot of derping around until you die. Even though I've played a decent number of games, I have yet to find a way to get around it. This seems like it would force a. taking ghost to ignore collision for escapes, or b. favor champs that naturally ignore collision like Fizz and Janna.

A few other things:
1. Little patches of brush. Yes, those tiny patches of brush everywhere. They're just confusing as **** and they often seem glitched-- you have vision, but you can't attack properly for some reason. Maybe the idea is to allow for bushwhacking, but they're just plain annoying.

2. Lack of vision. Yes there is an item that reveals areas for 10 seconds. It's like CV, except with a cast radius. However, the problem is that a minute cooldown is a looong time in such a fast paced game on such a small map. You could be wondering if someone is in the brush, then you see them pop out halfway across the map with Vilemaw. Not cool. I guess skillshots are okay though, but I'd like to have some way of warding-- perhaps Wriggles.

3. Tower damage is a joke. At maybe level one or two it can prevent a dive, but after that, considering the increasing development of a bruiser meta, it barely matters. I'd like to see something where the tower could be... more effective. Maybe some sort of slow on enemy champs or other debuff.

4. Altars. It's an interesting concept, but it feels so contrived. There is somewhat of an ARAB feel (all random all bottom) feel to it. There needs to be some better way of defending them, like offering a bonus to defenders who stand on it or something king-of-the-hill style. Losing an altar is way too big of a deal, and it happens too easily leading to snowballing.

5. General item balancing. The majority of items were balanced around 5v5. 5v5 gold income, 5v5 map size, 5v5 damage. That needs to be changed for 3v3. I think the altars are a good idea to deal with the gold income though.