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@Riot: new HUD idea to increase teamwork and good attitudes in-game

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I posted this in the Tribunal section, where it will probably get feedback from those concerned about player behaviour, but I wanted to post here to obtain opinion from Riot and gamers alike on the basis of functionality.

I'm a polite person who doesn't rage, however, I'm seeing a lot of players who are asking for a system that would teach them not to rage. We're also seeing people who want to mute if someone is offensive, without the risk of being reported for "refusing to communicate with team." So I'd like to propose this system. I'd like to see it also for those of us who'd like a quicker request option for quicker responses too.

I wouldn't mind seeing a button system. For example, a little speed-dial kinda button in the corner of the screen. First you select your lane: Bot/Mid/Top/Jungle which you select at the start, but can re-check lanes later.

Then buttons are.

When the buttons are hit, whether the person has muted someone or not, they would get information such as,

"Bot calls mia" (MIA)
"Bot has requested a gank" (GANK)
"Bot wishes to push lane." (PUSH)
"MF is brb to buy items." (BRB)
"Nunu is warding." (WARD)
"Bot states enemy team are warding." (EWARD)

I think it could assist in map awareness for newer people too, if they were given certain sound effects. Six small buttons -- we have room for that right? I'm thinking 6 small little buttons that have the codes in () by the phrase list I've written just above. The prefixes ("bot" or character name) would be automatically placed, based on your character and the lane select you gave it. I guess it's a little like a WoW emote.

If someone is banned, there might be a way to lock text chat for a week or two afterwards, but enable this system for them, meaning ragers have a chance to reform their behaviour, or at least get used to not abusing others with the inability to type. Maybe a few hotheads will learn some restraint? It would lower the complaint rate on these forums, and make the game more accessible.

I don't think it'd need an actual map-ping system -- it could all be done text, as these sort of details are shared by typing currently. But yes, the chatlog text would need to be implemented so Tribunal members could see if MIAs etc were called.

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I don't see why not, I feel that a major issue when I'm playing outside my group of friends is the difference in terminology that people use, This not only solves that but helps newer players to understand what they should be calling and when. (through tooltips obviously.) However, it would need a global cooldown per person (5-7 seconds?) and spam detection for more then 10 within thirty seconds.

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That's a good point. I hadn't thought about it from the language barrier perspective. It would certainly avoid those issues too.