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Can't play 2 regions ever since last patch

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Best Viktor BR

Senior Member


With this latest patch, it's pretty much impossible to play on 2 different regions (Brazil and NA).

Basically what's happening is that if I switch the region to NA from BR it'll download a small patch and once it opens the login screen it gives an error saying "the client has lost contact with maestro" something like that I'm paraphrasing, and the client automatically closes after that. As I reopen the game and it's already with NA selected as the region I want to play it says the server is "undefined" in red and I cannot press the button play (if I swap to BR it also says "undefined&quot, and nothing will change it.

But if I swap to BR and then close the "Play League" (the first window) it'll show the server(BR) as online and download another small patch, and I can play on it, and if I try to swap to NA everything I just said will happen again.

This is getting very frustrating because I have re-installed the game about 3x now and each time I download one of the region I cannot play the other (this last time I downloaded BR region).