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suggestion to fix current problem

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i know there some post here and there about instalocking ppl, i read a few and decide to post a suggestion that could solve trolling and instalock.

so far i saw ppl suggested ban vote for trolling ppl, some ask for a rdy button instead of a lock button, prevent locking at all for a said time so here were what should be implanted, i dont know if this was suggested or not if so im sorry, simply add a pre phase were ppl can only talk strategie, team composition and most importantly who goes where time duration let say 30sec. this will solve the oh my god i need to quick select my champ and mid top jungler asap oh and why not instalock while were at it.

After come phase 2 were ppl can select champion whitout the rush mentioned above which will result in a better and smarter choice, when you have selected x champion click the rdy button which isnt a permanent locked choice.if someone didnt select a champ before the time of phase 2 is over shall be prompt to do so.

Phase 3 is were you try to prevent trollers or thick headed ppl who dont want anything but solo top, mid or go in the jungle if phase 1 didnt work out, they ether agree to x,y or z for the next vote is a kick out and back to queue sadly. some migth say it wont change anything they just have to agree and troll afterward but the change here is the pre-game content and after content shall be recorded so ppl will need to behave the entire time and not just in case to look good while trashing afterward most honorable trash there instead of in game just to avoid losing crest they shouldnt have in the first place.

sorry for my english it is late and it not my main language on top of it but it should be readable i hope^^ if not i hope you can decipher it. the banning phase in draft pick gave me this idea so it should be hard to implant maybe the last phase which may need some more work but fell free to change some stuff and post it below, im sure together we can make something that will work. thx in advance for supporting and improving it to make it a reality