I played ONE MORE TT game...

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So many people have been telling me to "give it a chance," and "it's not so bad."

So many people have been arguing that more champs can be played, and not just bruisers.

I thought, "sure, I'll test it again."

I chose Mundo and had Pantheon and Brand as teammates.

Before the game started, the client crashed (a bug/problem a lot of people are having). It took 3 more attempts with subsequent crashes before the game loaded.

We were matched against a Fiddle, Fiora, and Rengar.

Brand and Pantheon had a bit higher-hp rune sets, and were fairly skilled. I joined late, due to d/c, but only had a couple problems starting up. (was 1-3-1 in a couple minutes, and with the gold from jungling, we were solid by the 10 minute mark)

Our bruiser, Panth, went 9-2, in spite of it being his FIRST TIME with Pantheon. Our brand was 4-3, and I was 3-3-7.

The entire match I was bored because the outcome was easy to see from the beginning. We had a couple bruisers and a caster. They had 1 bruiser, and all we had to do was shut him down.

Boring. Give me back the old 3v3 map, Riot.