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Champion Concept - Quarem the Totem Master/ Totem King

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Quarem - the totem master/ totem king - AP CASTER who uses objects on the field to maniuplate, damage enemies abilties and damage. whilst being able to support allies with crowd control.

passive -damage done to Quarem's totems increase his ability for a short period of time

q Totem - lays a totem on the field that deals damage to enemies near it and heals allies near it. totems last 10 second

w- Polar Mesmerize When activated enemies near a totem will be taunted to the totem and redirect nearby enemy projectiles to it.

e- Flare Detonates a totem on the field dealing magic damage to enemies around it.
( doing so will also actiate Quarems passive)

r- Ey passive, when this skill is leveled up, the amount of totems Quarem places at once is increased..as well as his abilties gain an additional effect

level 1 -2 is placed at one time, 1totems can attack enemies that hit it (spit fire) thats burns acts like rumble.
level 2- 3 is placed at one time,1
detonate now knocks back enemies
level 3- 4 is placed at one time, 1 + 2 and

r- active - all totems on the field fire a beam at target location. Enemies inside are damaged