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[Champion Concept] Vincent The Shadow

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Hey there guys. Here's a concept I've been mulling around in my head for a bit. I'm terrible with lore (a hamster with a keyboard does better then me), but I wanted to post some of the mechanics for a zombie/ghost form of Gangplanks dad. I figured this would be an interesting take on him, given that Yorick brought him back and his appetite for revenge kept him from disappearing. Let me know what you think about the concept. I figured pirates seem to be quite loved in this game. ^_^

Vincent The Shadow
Gender: Male
Race: Human (sort of)
Lane Role: Mage, Tank, Jungler, Melee
Weapons: Two swords and a gun. Normal attacks are with his swords.


Form (Human): Excretes poisonous gas in an immediate area that damages 3% of max health as magic damage. Poison also burns 3% of max mana.
Form (Ghost): Ignore unit collisions. With every unit he passes through, he gains 1.5% movement speed.

Materialize (Human): Deals 500 damage to the closest 2 creep. Human form gains 20% increased Armor, Mag resist, and Damage.
Rupture (Ghost): Body explodes dealing 10% AOE damage equal to 10% of max health of affected champions or units.

Shadow Flash (Human): Dashes in a straight line damaging all units. If he makes contact with an enemy champion, he appears behind them and shots them in the head dealing bonus damage.
Curse of Bilgewater (Ghost): Summons skeleton hands from the ground in a line. They bind the enemy champion for 2 seconds and fear all other enemy champion beside the skeleton hands.

Bilgewater’s Rage (Human): Sacrifices 1/3rd of current health. Increase armor, damage, and attack speed by 33% for 10 seconds.
Pool of the Dead (Ghost): AOE poison on select area, all champions’ movement speed is slowed by 25% as long as they remain in the area.

[Ultimate] Shadow Tactics (Human): For 15 seconds, every 2 strikes summons a non-targetable shadow with equal stats and 30% of Vincents’ damage with a max of 4 shadows. Shadows disperse at the end of 15 seconds.

After using an Ultimate, the other Ultimate is subjected to the same cooldown time.

[Ultimate]Ghost Barrage (Ghost): Summons 3 ghost cannons in a line and fires them. As the ghost cannonballs travel across the field, all champions damaged by it are also slowed by 60% for 3 seconds.

Joke: *Perhaps I was a little overboard with the lad… though he didn’t need to be so sharp with me… hahaha*
Taunt: *Run! Run! As fast as you can!*

Moving along…
A little death won’t stop me…
Stop being a dead weight…
Please tell me where to go.
As a pirate I really need your direction… /sarcasm

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Not really sure what's going on. How does he switch forms? Does he have a whole skillset for when he's dead or something?

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Pretty much. One is a translucent form, the other is a zombie looking form. His Q switches him between forms.