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Shrines in new TT pose balance issues.

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Okay, first I'd like to clarify; it is not a 10% damage increase. It's 10% bonus AD and AP. This is nowhere near a 10% damage increase. In addition it doesn't even mean much at the start of the game. It's at-most going to give a champion an extra 5 AD at level one, and that's the extreme case of all flat AD run Fiora with 2 AD items.

Now in regards to the tanky champs sitting on the altar. Yes, that's true but they are putting themselves in a large amount of risk standing out in the open. You should be collapsing on them with your entire team.

Think of the opposite side of the coin. Lets say you can interrupt the capture from range, maybe something similar to dominion. How bad would that feel as a bruiser? Look at the level of risk that person is putting them in to be shut down by Xerath going "lulululululul, tag!" as he casts his Q repeatedly from in lane.

I find running a balanced team comp (brusier/ADC/AP caster) is strong. Do things like Orianna E -> onto your brusier and have them initiate on the altar.

Overall the map is going to punish the solo queue mentality of thinking you can do everything on your own. It's 3v3 where team play is of the utmost importance. You can't expect to sit in lane for 15 minutes farming and do well.

Sounds like altars are hard to balance. Remove altars for top jungle 2012. Lululululu tag your it riot.

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I'd just change the capture method so you have to focus/target the capture point. A targeted capture can be interrupted with damage, so mages/ranged characters have a chance at stalling/preventing a capture.
Another solution would be to give an armor/mr debuff while you're standing on the point, so tankier champions can't just stand there and absorb the DPS from a ranged champion while capturing.

This will present another problem.

Not all tanky champs are created equal.

As it stands now:

Ranged AD/ AP can repeatedly AOE/attack/ and in some cases Nuke opponents from a safe distance since everything is visible on platform while they are capping, most melee, cannot retaliate with dash or charge attacks, which in a sense is fair.

Melee either suffer great dmg, or dmg period for the sake of capping an altar, or they run for the hills.

The way it is now is fine. again, more risk is presented onto the melee, and if your change was considered, it would be even WORSE for melee units.