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Legendary Skin Idea [Mech Warrior Rumble]

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Very young I'd always watch shows like such as Gundam. I think I'd be a very good idea for Rumble to have a legendary skin.

For his overall design, he could be grey with red and blue markings. As for rumble itself he could be sealed inside a capsule with a glass dome covering him.

His right arm could be a normal hand but when activated it transforms and shoots dark blue flames, during danger zone it the flame turn lighter blue.

His left arm could be a three pronged, or trident jack hammer.

His chest could be the same, a giant harpoon launcher, and in mid-flight little "guider fins" could detach.

His passive bar could be blue and when it reaches Danger zone a robotic girl voice could say "Power levels optimized", and when it is Overheating it could say "Power levels critical".

When uses his scrap shield, he could "fly" off the ground similar to pf ezreal and use thrusters.

On his back he just has normal thrusters but when he uses his ult, three missles appear from his back and launch up. When it lands it creates little mushroom clouds after a blue flash. The ground affected could have a post apocalyptic look while the ult is in effect.

On his death, the voice could say "auto self-destruct initiated", followed by Rumble saying "oh no", then finally exploding.

For his dance he could be doing the robot sloppily and failing at it, while Rumble says " how do I do this"

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This is awesome.