Stacking flat armor penetration is broken status OP

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With masteries, runes, and Ghostblade + Brut + Van Damms, You damn near deal true damage to your target.

It's merely strong on a bunch of champs (Talon, riven for instance) but on some (Garen, Kha'Zix) it's immensely overpowered.

I was behind on kills and CS, I started farming the jungle and avoiding fights. Got in a gank or two, sure, got my brutalizer, but I wasn't snowballing too hard. Then I finished van damms and got a couple kills. Then I finished my second brutalizer and got a triple. Then I finished Ghostblade and got another triple. Then i finished my final brutalizer and.... It was over.

These need to not work together. Stacking them is immensely OP and reminds me of Sunfire cape stacking for it's ease of use compared to results gained.

just my 0.02

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ill try it