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[Legendary Skin Idea] Cyborg Caitlyn

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Ok first off, i don't play Caitlyn but i came up with this idea during one of my sleepless nights HERE WE GO

Cyborg Caitlyn is another "Pulse fire" skin idea but similar to how Pulse fire ezreal has influence like cyborg from teen titans, megaman, and isaac clark from deadspace.

Cyborg Caitlyn is influenced by sektor/cyrax from mortal kombat, iron man and robo cop (of course)

Piltover peacemaker- Instead of a iron winged bullet, Caitlyn shoots something more of a future police badge (or saw)

Yordle Snap Trap- Instead of her leaning down to place it, she could

A- Drops a box similar to ghost busters
B- Shoots a laser to the ground that opens up to a "matrix" like hole that shoots numbers up (similar to when Sektor does that uppercut) when caught, its like Ryzes rune prison but with the black and green matrix feel.

90 calibur net- Like Cyrax, she shoots a green net from her chest/belt and she flies backward, but instead of landing, her animation would be she shoots her jet pack/ jet boots backwards from flying too far.

Ace in the hole Caitlyn targets the opponent with a green crosshair and shoots a rocket at them