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Champion Concept: Lily/Lilianna

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So, this is the first time I've posted in this part of the forums, although my head is filled with a wealth of ideas for champions, but this is one I've been working with and gained some inspiration after watching some of LilyPichu's videos on youtube. So yeah...

Update 1:Changed Lilianna's Q from a blink to a burning trail, (Singed esque,) for more of a zoning feel.

The general concept behind Lily and Liliana is that they're two completely opposite champions rolled into one, and you can switch between them using her ult. She fills the role of a utility type Support. I'm not going to go into extreme detail about damage or scaling ratios, as I feel this is simply a concept for a champion I would really like to play, and I don't feel like I know enough about the different champions damage and ratios to add that.

I have drawn out what I believe they should look like, but I can't currently use my scanner to upload the art, so I'll try to describe it here. I'll update with the art at some point.
Lily: Curly blonde hair, blue eyes, very kind and gentle air about her. She wears a white dress with golden trim, it reaches about knee length, and has a high collar, the sleeves leave the shoulders exposed, and she wears sandals. Just sort of this innocent airy feel to her.
Lilianna: Exactly the opposite, Lilianna has dark hair, almost black, violet eyes, a black dress that's cut, ragged looking, about mid thigh. She has fishnet sleeves and black boots.

Lily, the White Flower:
Passive - Good Intentions: Lily's intent to help her team is projected in an aura that increases the health regen of all nearby allies.

Q - Cleansing Beam: Lily marks a friendly target who is struck by a beam of the purest light that removes all status effects from that target, and makes them immune to CC for a short duration.

W - Blessing of Safety: Lily blesses a friendly target, shielding them from damage for a short time or until the shield is broken. If the shield does not break then at the end of it's duration it heals the target for the amount of damage left.

E - Healing Light: Lily summons a pool of light to an area. All friendly targets in that area will slowly regain health, and gain a speed buff while inside.

R - Lilianna: Lily is overcome by her darker self, Liliana, and channels for half a second. After transforming Lilianna lets forth a burst of darkness that does damage to all enemy targets in an area around her.

Lilianna, the Black Flower:
Passive - Bad Intentions: Lilianna's intentions toward her enemies manifest as an aura that increases her and her allies' damage.

Q - Shadow Trail: As Lilianna moves a trail of dark flames burst from where she has walked, lasting for a few seconds. Any enemy crossing this path takes damage over time while still on it.

W - Cursed Affliction: Lilianna curses an enemy target, silencing them and dealing damage over a short duration to them and any enemy around them.

E - All Consuming Darkness: Lilianna spreads dark flames over an area, causing any enemy unit on it to be slowed and take damage over time.

R - Lily: Lilianna succumbs to her kinder self, Lily, and channels for half a second. After transforming Lily lets forth a burst of pure light that heals herself and all friendly targets in an area around her.

As a whole Lily/Lilianna is not going to be the carry that gets out there and does all the damage and gets all the kills. Although this is possible, I tried to make her more of a utility type kit, so she sets up kills for her team more than anything. So therefore her forms in turn act as either more survivability for her team as Lily, or CC and zone control to secure kills as Lilianna. And she is able to go back and forth with these at will.

The main idea behind her passive is that core concept of the champs, survival vs kills. If you're team is having a hard time in team fights or has recently taken a lot of damage, say from taking Baron, you're going to want to play in Lily's form, so they can gain that health back asap. However, if your team needs more of a boost to their damage and securing kills, then you'll want to be Lilianna more.

In her Q I tried to do two things. For Lily, I gave her a cleanse. Something that can remove CC from any ally, so that they can either escape, or get back into the fight, or whatever ends up being necessary. It's the basic idea of wanting to keep her teammates safe. For Lilianna, I made her Q a Singed style trail of dark fire. This adds to the concept of zone control for her. It helps control where enemies end up going, so she can lead them directly into a trap, or block off a certain area.

For her W I wanted Lily to add to that, I want to protect my team, type feeling. She creates a shield that eventually heals if it lasts the whole duration. So yeah... simple. Now for Lilianna, her W is meant to isolate a specific target, make their team move away from them to avoid the AoE damage, and make it easier to eliminate that target. Again, following the concept of controlling the enemy team.

For the Es I had a single idea in mind. AoE. For Lily, I know a lot of people have been asking for a skill-shot type heal, so that was the idea behind this. You place the heal down in an area, and any allies that are in it are slowly healed. For Lilianna's it was a similar concept. It was an AoE damage and slow spell. Once again going off of that zone control, you can use it to direct the path of allies, or split a team in half, or however you determine it would be effective.

Finally, the idea behind the transformations, her Ults, is that Lily and Lilianna are two halves of the same person, and the one that is not in use is sort of suppressed. So when they transform, they would not only fight against it, hence the channeling, but also once released there would be a burst of that personalities magic from being suppressed. There would also be a short cool-down before she could transform again, so that she wouldn't be able to spam the ability. And she wouldn't be able to do so until level 6. I was also thinking that the power of the burst after transforming scales with how long it's been suppressed. So Lily being suppressed for longer would heal more, and Lilianna being suppressed for longer would do more damage.
Also, in champion select, after choosing her one would be able to change between Lily and Lilianna since she can't change until level 6. That or Lily and Lilianna would show up as two different champions, but would be banned as one.

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Thoughts and Feedback all welcome!