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The first Legendary champion

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I have an idea for a champion that would fall under every category. He would be a jungler, ranged, mage, melee, tank, close range, and carry. The reason I say the first "legendary" champ is because he would be like the legendary skins, except obviously, that he is a champion. In my head i imagine him like the file attached below which is a picture from an anime, Bleach, but not necessarily exactly like that. Just a simple clothing patern. Now! the reason that I imagine him with simple clothes is because he will have an aura around him that will change the way it looks and its color when ever he does a "job change". I expect him to be like Nidalee, Jyace, Udyr and Elise. I do not have it completely thought out but the job colors go as follow:
All of his abilities, Q W E R, will be job changes with different colors and with different weapons and unlocked at the start of the game. The summoner will have one skill point and once he activates one of the abilities and changes jobs, the other abilities will change for that specific job and will not be usable until a skill point is placed.

Black: Original form. A black aura surrounding his body with no discernible clothing. A normal walk. No abilities except for the passive which i was planning on making it able to compensate for the lack of abilities. A passive that gets stronger the more time you use this form. Has no mana. The summoner will start in this form.

Blue: Mage job and also the starting Q. Has a mages hat, a cape made from his aura along with a staff with a flame like symbol on the end. Floats from side to side when walking Once in this form, his Q, W and E would change with ability power based abilities, the passive will change for mage purposes. and will be added a certain amount of mana based on the multiplier, runes and masteries.

Red: Melee, close range and the started W. Has a trench coat, a pair of gauntlets and a weapon, or weapons (still havnt decided if dual wield or not) are either one two handed battle axe or two gauntlet with four curved blades attached to the top and sides of the gauntlet. The weapons, along with the clothes are made from his aura. Once in this form, his Q, W and E change to attack damage based abilities, a different passive will be added and not sure if this form should use fury, energy or just cooldowns.

Yellow: Range and starting E. Has night vision goggles (or just goggles), a chest plate armor and dual wielding some type of hand guns, all of which will be made from his aura. I was thinking about the Q, W and E for this form being abit more attack speed heavy than attack damage, giving his abilities slight passives passives like Gangplanks or Warwicks passive, but instead of one ability giving said passive, the damage would come from a combination of passives from all his abilities AND since this form will mostly be passives, i was thinking in making it complete cooldowns, no mana or energy.

Violet: Tank and starting R. Has boxing gloves and regular shorts made from his aura. His Q, W and E will be tanky abilities and based one maximum health. maybe some what like Alistar mixed with a bit of Taric and will be based on energy. (as u can see, i didnt put too much thought into the tank because i think that the best tank is rammus ^^)

If u noticed, non of them have ults. That would be because the ult, or R, would be to change back to the other jobs but in return for changing back to the other jobs, it requires a death.

Well those are my ideas. please comment and tell me any ideas to modify if you'd like.