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[Skin Ideas] Various! Come see!

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Dragon Brand Z (working title)

Flames above Brand's head replaced with golden shiny hair
flames in brand's hands turned to blue energy
golden aura surrounding brand
when he uses his Q, he yells HAAA! (as in the end of KamehameHA)
The same happens for his ult, but louder and the voice held longer
his joke causes brand to adopt the "charging my power level" stance, a couple tiny rocks lift off the ground around him, and all the while Brand is yelling, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"
Taunt is, "I am the Prince of all Destruction!"

Cyborg Trundle

Trundle's corrupted body parts become robotic/metallic
Trundle's club becomes a sort of pylon-looking structure
Q causes Trundle to leech some bioelectric energy, causing his pylon to become charged (it will begin to hum and glow with electricity)
W sends out wormbots into the ground to terraform a small area into a metallic plain (causes a clanking sound when trundle walks on it)
E causes a huge pylon spouting slowing electricity to rise from the ground
R sends out a swarm of nanobots to leech stats which get sent directly to Trundle by a wireless connection.
Joke: You require additional pylons....TO YOUR FACE
Taunt: You WILL be assimilated!

More to come!