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Show some love to Volibear

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Hello I'm a long time fan of Volibear. I enjoy this skills, the play style and Multi ways to play him. From jungling, tanking, and solo lain. Even after all this there many things that need some attention. For starters new skins, Though I haven't got any skins that I may like. There only one champ I'm looking forward to getting. That being said he doesn't have any good ones. I would love a carebear look alone the lines of Grummpybear. ^_^ that would be amazing Care Volibear. Funny went suit him well or a Panda Volibear, or even wait a Evil Teddy bear suit "Volibear Ted" would be funny as long it evil/scary. Next I would like to talk about his attack. I have posted two forums about this and no replies. So thinking maybe talking about them in the wrong place. First he a bear and if anything in a bear way when chasing you down beside a tree. He well swip it away or plow throw it. This charge ability is nice to have, but little minions shouldn't be able to block him. Sorry but not a big fan of minions "little short and wick think" blocking my charge. Next his bite and while nice super hard to land that attack if there a ground of enemies and allies in the group. Trying to click on the right enemy is over crowded. Can miss allot, Finally this Ult "wick,easly out of reach, random hits, and have land a hit". This are thing that happen all to often. I had seen Volibear swing at a minion and miss. While the enemy are far away for me to do any damage. I've even seen champ stand in the lighting and not do hardly anything to there health. Show some love a tad bet and give it some damage. Also take away the having to swing to land it. Make it strike the nearest enemies every 4-5 sec like it was a swing. With out fear of miss clicking on a minion four of five time losing out on a few lighting shots. So in conclusion Show some love to Volibear. He misses Riot affection and bear hugs.