A question about Promo Queues

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2 Weeks Ago

So let me just explain what I am wondering and maybe it can be clarified for my naive, ignorant mind.

So, I go to promo game 1, lose not a big deal we tried and got close. Now game two is where it struck me, of course we pick up the brand jungle and that wasn't even a huge issue, no it was what I saw after we lost the game. You know how league lets you look up extended match histories.

http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegen...ry/NA/33501435 (my particular match history if you don't know what I mean or you can look at my games to berate me or whatever.)

Looking at the players for my second game I think I had at least 3 of my team members have pretty ugly looking w/l records (like dipping below like a 40% for recently played games.) and one of those 3 being exceptional having lost 20 of their last 24 games. It appears to be tilt because before those 24 games he seems like a stable player. Maybe it was just bad luck but it has my attention now and will subtly haunt me till I forget or learn what I want to know.

I would like to know how these queues pick their players.

When somebody is in a promo game does the way players are grouped change? Is it chosen based on the odds or stats? Should it be? Would it be possible/practical/and fair to have tilted players barred from a either team which has a player in promo.

I could be wrong but my feeble mind thinks this would be a minor improvement unto promotional games in hopes to get 10 people who can play the game at a moderately competent level at the time instead of picking based whatever rank they happen to be currently. Perhaps it's not within bounds of reason but that's the only thing I really could take away from that aside standard reflection.

Either way climbing will happen as long as I stay consistent but I have to say going into promos is a tedious process that makes me walk away from ranked on some days lol. If it's no different then regular queues, although my question remains and I would like to know how players are chosen to fight against each other. Personally I am alright with non-promo games being picked mildly random but I don't think it's cool to give people 3 games to prove themselves and match them with somebody who has won 16% of their last 24 games.

I would like to think that recent games played in conjuction too your current over rank/lp would be a good way to determine whether or not somebody is on tilt and decide to so keep them from promotional games.

Eh, just stuff I was wondering about lately.

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2 Weeks Ago

Been wondering this as well, seems like I'll go on a huge winning streak in solo queue ranked, but the second I get to my series I just get the most toxic, unhelpful, and usually ineffective players. The people I'm paired with during my promos seem to almost always be either substantially worse than those I was playing with prior to the promo series. Obviously this just sounds like I'm upset because I've lost a series or something, but it seems to be a pattern of win 3-4 in a row, then get to series and get absolutely decimated 2-3 games in a row; like, completely one sided matches where we just get destroyed.