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New jungle makes new TT shallow.

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Don't you think it's a bit early to judge? The "slaughter fest" is a result of careless play that people tend to do on new maps, just because a meta is missing. Remember the first 2 weeks of Dominion? Everyone was running around randomly and backdooring capture-points, instead of playing as a team.
You can't expect everyone to adapt to sth. new so soon. You'll always see careless play in the beginning of sth. new and other people who'll punish it. It's all part of the development.
It's just like when you were a kid and placed your hands on a hot burner for the first time.

This is a game for teamwork. There's a jungler who can save you from ganks, just by his presence and counterganking. There's also another laner, who has to react, if someone is missing. Just calling "ss" is not enough, most of the time. It neither is in competitive play on SR btw. (e.g. if you think, the enemy top-laner is invading your jungle-buffs, you don't call "ss", but you try to get him together with your mid and jungler, if possible!)
You just won't see much of coordinated gameplay in unranked games for the next few weeks. If you play some ranked games with mates you played a lot with, you'll see the "slaughter fest" isn't as present as you might think. That is, if you can adapt and take counter-measures against it. Hint: Passive gameplay won't help to prevent it.

While I would agree with most of this, I just want to point out that this map is not a new concept, or idea. 3v3 has been around for a long time now, and while the map may be new the main objectives remain the same IMO; Towers, buffs and nexus. This leads me to believe there may be a bit of an issue that is being pushed aside as a "new map" thing.

That said, I think it is also possible TT is seeing an influx of new players that are just now trying TT and have no clue what they are doing leading to the slaughter fest mentioned earlier.

So, while it may be a little early to judge, there is no reason we can’t talk about what we perceive as issues and why they are issues. Hopefully the real problems will make themselves evident in doing so and Riot can get them taken care of