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Bogotti Rugafa, the Swamp Adonis!

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Bogotti Rugafa is a handsome man who has risen from the swamp -- a swamp adonis. He built a laboratory beneath the swamp, which houses various scientists and beautiful women (it isn't said outright, but they're cortisans) fulfilling his selfish interests, all of whom he created with science. His brain is mechanical, and his spine is an artificial construct that carries DNA of a diverse selection of rare species. Though he has a robotic mind, he resents civilization outside the swamp, and has a plethora of unique and abstract opinions on a plethora of unique and abstract subjects.

Bogotti Rugafa had a dream of a sky filled with thunder clouds, obscuring a vast, floating machine enveloping the planet. He envisioned comets crashing in vain against the enormous shell, and imagined it would be the only thing left after the heat death of the universe. This dream, and the realization of his innate fighting prowess, inspired him to join the League of Legends!

These are his skills!!

Passive: Gorfpollun
Bogotti Rugafa's hands yield, in their visage, a sense of profundity and inner strength; he is motivated to inflict himself upon his opponents in an awesome feat of devastation, granting himself +[some number] AD randomly!

Q: Hoffit Serbia
Passive Effect: If Bogotti Rugafa has stood still for 5 seconds, this skill will do +[some amount] of bonus damage!

Active: Bogotti Rugafa lunges a short distance forward, dealing some amount of damage! When doing this, animals will gather around and run with him, growing in number the more he executes this skill.

Short cooldown, costs I-don't-know-what amount of mana.

W: A Mighty Swamp Thing
Bogotti Rugafa will imagine a swamp under his feet, and like magic will sink into it, becoming untargetable for some short amount of time, and then burst out of it dealing cool damage and stunning those he hits! You can make up the cooldown and mana cost and all the numbers of everything henceforth. Except the number 29, which I have on reserve for something in particular.

If W is held down, he will remain inside the swamp, as his mana continues to drain by an increased amount.

E: Ten-toed Kingdom History
Bogotti Rugafa's inexplicable connection to nature allows him to receive powerful benefits from interacting with it. Wandering through the environment and activating this skill on various NPCs causes his spine to glow yellow, or red, or whatever color looks cool, and becomes more vibrant with each use. Once activated on an enemy, Bogotti Rugafa will discharge from his entire torso a frightening kind of energy in a sudden flash, damaging enemies within the area.

R: Plabitopas
Bogotti Rugafa's head explodes suddenly, and he transforms into a giant, headless behemoth with big, swinging, disproportionate arms, and slogs around the map with increased stats. His mana depletes rapidly and the transformation reverses when it reaches zero. Activating this skill a second time will randomly cause him to either spasm, thrashing his limbs about and dealing great damage, or to clap his hands, swinging them outward in a great arch and then to the center, pulling everything between them directly in front of him and dealing a poopload of damage.