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A really awesome story of joining the new tt map

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teh d wreck

Senior Member


I just played a game with a Panth and our Mundo never connected [I was Elise]. So we realized we didn't have much chance, and tried to make the most fun of it to make their life difficult for the win. Panth did really well and most of the times he died he would die with a double kill while 1v3ing while I got a few kills here and there while ganking and pushing lanes. Even though we passed the early surrender time limit we fought anyways.

We had some fun banter in /all, and fought until the only thing left was our nexus and suddenly the enemy team surrendered and gave us the win. <WOW> I was having fun despite the situation and the other team decided to do something so unexpected and nice. I have no idea if the people I played with read these forums, but either way I want to say THANK YOU, something like that is very rare and really made my night even though I don't mind losing and totally expected to lose that. It's nice to see some people with great attitudes like that - seriously.

Anyways, I thought something like that should be shared as it really was a great experience for me and definitely the first time I've seen that happen.