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IP Skins and Icon Ideas

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If they are making IP skins, they should make them so that not everyone could have them. Maybe for icons, they should make it some kind of achievement system where it would be like to get a specific icon u need to get 100 spear kills to get a spear icon or like Sharked icon where you use Fizz's shark as the finishing blow for 200 kills. Maybe put a cost to buy them after achieving them. Some good achievements I can think of is getting all champs, getting 50 assists in 1 game, win 10 games in a row, achieve a triple, quadra, penta kill. Maybe an Icon that you need 100 icons to unlock? Im not sure but something that you just can't get in just playing 1 match. If they put this in, many people will try to get them and feel good about getting an icon or skin that most players dont have. Well if you have some ideas, please tell