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Some improvements to the new TT.

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I used to play twisted treeline a lot before the changes. I loved the old look of the map but I do think it had many problems that were fixed. The main being the fact that you could turtle indefinitely. There are just a few things though that I would change about the map if I could.

Problems with the new map.
- Wards
There are many threads on this but I will just say a couple things. There are champions like katarina that need wards to jump to and it helps. Also you put in a speed shrine so now it is even easier to gank with no vision and a speed buff. I would just put them in the map maybe with a smaller duration.

- Speed Shrine
This again is annoying with a very small map with a tower pushed very far back in the lane. The ganks are very easy and almost always results in a kill. If you looked at top lane in summoners rift you would know that first you have wards to see the jungler and secondly if you did overextend it is still possible to make it to your turret. To be honest I don't really see the point of a speed shrine if there are no wards. I would just remove it.

- Map size
By making the wall larger from the jungle to nexus the map lost some length and when you made the wall from the red buff and the top lane the map got a lot smaller. Also, the fact that Vilemaw's pit is larger makes the map smaller. There is really not much roaming area you can go into without seeing another champion the map just feels like the majority of it is walls and to be honest it doesn't really feel that fun to be in a very small map. I would suggest making the map larger length wise and height wise.

- Altars
The altars are a fairly nice addition I believe but the way they work is irritable. The fact that the lock timer is so short means that you will often be fighting over the points like a dominion game. Also, the time before the altar unlocks at the start of the game is very annoying because it forces a level 1 fight or if you had an unfavorable match up they just get your altar for free and its not like you could take theirs while they are capping yours. I would suggest making the distance between the two larger and making the altar able to be capped earlier.

That is all the suggestions to the problems I really think there are.