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Should the current match making system be changed?

Yes, I think we should allow players to select their desired roles in Draft and Ranked Mode. 113 52.07%
Yes, I think we should allow players to select their desires roles in All Modes of play. 43 19.82%
Yes, it should be changes but I have a better idea! 13 5.99%
No, it's perfect and shouldn't be changed. 48 22.12%
Voters 217 .

Turning Elo Hell -> Into Paradise (Developer Suggestion)

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2) Suck it up and learn how to play every single role

This is a really common response to the RBQ idea, and addressing it helps to clear something up.

The point of an RBQ is not to allow any individual player to play the role they want. The point is to stop other people on your team from fighting over any single role, creating conflict in champ select and resulting in trolling and queue dodging. A different solution to this would be to create some sort of system by which summoners would be unable to queue for draft until they "qualify" with certain number of roles. However, this would probably be difficult to implement and would create an even steeper learning curve for new players than LoL already has.

Yes, learn every role! Not only will you help champ select go more smoothly for everyone, but your Elo will surely improve with your expanded counter-picking flexibility and deeper knowledge of the game. But we can't implement something saying that every LoL player has to play every role before they click the Draft button. However we can, in theory, create a system that trades a little wait time for better-matched teams. (And by "we" I mean "Riot". And by "in theory" I mean "I have no freaking clue how complicated this would actually be to program or implement.&quot