I have a bone to pick. GIMME WARDS

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No wards on twisted treeline gives Teemo a glaring tactical advantage that no one else is capable of having unless they have a Teemo.

I have noticed that The team with the Teemo controls the jungle and the team without just kinda loses a slow painful death.

Now there is a Teemo in every ****ing Twisted Treeline game shrooming up the jungle and acting like they are cute. It was bad enough having to deal with this **** occasionally on SR... but you took my favorite map and made Teemo a requirement.

Basically it is down to this for me... either

1. Let me ward
2. Give Teemo a new ult in TT
3. Make Teemo a champion who is unpickable for TT.
4. Or and this is my favorite, remove Teemo from the game.

But I really cannot play this **** anymore....and it is too bad cause I really like the new TT too.

In all seriousness though, can I get a ward?