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Not a skin or champ but still a concept

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Wotan Uth Kage

Junior Member


A few people I've mentioned this to thought it was a great idea.
Hear me out here people... A whole new series of runes. The concept? Mythic Runes with a once per game activation with unique names, and I've got a few ideas for the effects of these new runes. Attack Speed + 4% Attack Damage + 2 (active boost crit% and attack by 2.5% for 15 seconds)
One Rune per page.

Now you might be saying, what level would we get these new Mythic Runes? Level 30 of course. I know we get our 3rd quint at that level but some of us have been playing with the same Runes for a long time and it's (forgive me) getting a little stale.

I really feel like this would be a great way to add a new dynamic to the game, almost like champion specific Runes which would have to be countered.

I really think this is an idea worth evaluating more than "No that's stupid" or "wow that's kind of neat" Even if my idea is kind of dumb on the surface it has potential and I think that'd be hard to disagree with.

My deepest request is: If Riot likes my idea to let me name one of the runes. That's all.

Please add your two cents.

*posted from my friend's account for privacy reasons*

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Mythic style



that sounds awesome even though i am a lv 8