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I Need Help Raising My Elo...

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Senior Member


Please. Currently at around 850 elo

Can someone help me raise my elo a bit before the reset? I know that if you look at my match history, I don't seem as good as I actually am, but I give you a few reasons why that is:

I started out carrying... began dying later on. (You can see most of my games I've went positive...)
For some reason, whenever I use one character over and over, (I fell in love with Brolaf when I got a quadra kill : D) I start losing after a huge winning streak D: ... em you can look at my stats if you want.

I'm just saying I think I'm pretty good.. and have been, by players and even by my enemy team that I deserve to be in higher elo.

Okay. I just need a good carry that can help me get a little higher...
I'll do anything to get some help. Except buy you RP =__=..

I know most people might say "Why do you think you deserve to get out of elo hell when you can't even carry yourself out of it?"
To these people I say, LoL is a TEAM GAME that requires the combined skill of all your partners... if one part of the chain is weak,
your entire team falls. It's very difficult to win when 2-3 people don't know how to play.

I want people that are interested in helping me, constructive feedback; not this:
"u cant even carry urself out of low elo u dont deserve 2 be in higher elo mang" =__=

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Junior Member


I'll help you out. Add me in Game "Born7795". I can start on Wednesday night

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Lunatic Dude

Junior Member


I need help 2, I can start tomorow, you can adc?